Does fear steal your joy? Do you focus on tomorrow’s troubles today? Have life’s circumstances left you feeling a bit hopeless? I get it. I’ve been there.

I’m so glad you’ve joined us in this space.

Fear and anxiety dominated my life for decades. Not a day went by when I wasn’t affected by their insidious nature. The Lord has given me freedom from that prison and He wants the same for you.  People often ask me, “What exactly is faith beyond fear?” Here’s my reply.

Faith Beyond Fear is choosing to step beyond:

fear of the unknown,
anxiety over losing someone or something we love,
dread of looming health issues,
fear of failure,
fear of success,
or any of the innumerable ways fear attacks.

Nothing makes the enemy happier than when we tremble in fear. We can move BEYOND the fear into faith. It doesn’t mean we move forward when fear dissipates or magically disappears.

I’ve found the more I step out in faith THROUGH my fear, the more I’m able to move BEYOND it. God tells us repeatedly through His word NOT to be afraid!

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Let’s choose faith BEYOND fear, my friends. Together, let’s step out in faith and live the lives the Lord has for us. Lives not dominated by what scares us or brings anxiety, but ones where we are driven by our FAITH.

Join us as we share stories of God’s people stepping out, beyond their fear, into their faith in Christ.