Prison of Shame — 18 Comments

  1. What a powerful witness you are! Thank you for sharing your story. I love the message: “Shame says, “Hide so you won’t be judged.” Conviction says, “Come out of hiding and be healed.”

  2. Lisa, praising God with you for how he breaks captives free! The chains of shame can be strong but not stronger than a loving God. Thank you for sharing your story. Beautiful.

    • Hi Amy!
      Thank you for your words! It’s been incredible to see His love and mercy break down walls I thought would never fall. Praise God for his relentless pursuit of our hearts!

  3. I love you, friend. And I love your courage and commitment. I pray that you reach many souls in need of God’s Word while sharing your journey.

    • Thank you sweet friend! I love you so much and cherish our friendship and spurring each other on as we boldly follow Christ!

    • Lauren,
      YES! That verse leaped off the page for me after I became a believer! That’s the love of Christ! It’s a mic drop moment from our Heavenly Father!

  4. What a powerful story, Lisa! Thanks for sharing. The way God loves us feels wasteful, but in my own shame I’ve found freedom in that extravagance. God’s love is bigger than my sin. Your words are powerful and timely. Thanks again!

    • Chip,
      Thanks so much for your encouragement! It’s incredibly humbling to be loved by a Father who wipes our slate clean and invites us into a personal relationship with him. Thanks for sharing!

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