Becoming a Protector: My Journey of Faith Beyond Fear — 22 Comments

  1. This was such a powerful story. Thank you for sharing your experience and for sharing your courage. “I am amazed how fear begets fear and how courage gives birth to courage. -Mari-Jan Francis” Love this quote.

  2. A hard post that I’m sure took courage to write. However, I’m glad you did. Your courage does indeed beget courage. I’m so glad that your husband is a picture of Christ and His protection. What a beautiful reflection of Him! Thank you for your transparency. Your story will help many! 🙂

  3. What a beautiful testimony of God’s love and faithfulness. I went through a similar situation and was most afraid of my father’s response. I appreciate your transparency and vulnerability. Our God is so faithful to make beauty from the ashes.

    • Dawn,
      I’m always amazed at the redemptive love of God. Thank you, Dawn, for sharing your heart. May you continue to experience the great love of our Heavenly Father.
      Mari Jan

  4. Mari, thank you for sharing your testimony of overcoming the shame associated with sexual abuse. I applaud you for stepping forth, and I am glad your husband was there for you to strengthen your resolve. I can envision your Savior Jesus standing for you as you took this step of faith. Shalom, Diane Virginia

  5. We worry about our reputations. God worries about our character. So glad your husband stood his ground next to you. He is what husbands are supposed to be. So sad that you went through the torment of abuse and then the torment of telling later on. God bless!

  6. Dear Mari Jan!

    I cannot imagine how being in your situation must feel like. I can read your blog post but it’s difficult to understand the pressure that comes from those kinds of experiences, I imagine.

    I’m glad you have a strong husband, Mary Jan.

    Be blessed!
    Edna Davidsen

  7. Powerful story so thanks for sharing. Fear and intimidation can have such a hold on us that it blocks us from what God is telling us to do. I am so sorry you experienced such a horrible thing and pray for you and all those suffering from abuse.

    • Yvonne,
      Totally agree with you, Yvonne. Fear is a powerful weapon the enemy uses to intimidate and keep us from the healing God so willingly has in store. So thankful for God’s grace to equip us to follow Him in all things.
      Mari Jan

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