Diving into Faith: Letting Go of Fear — 11 Comments

  1. Thank you, Dawn, for painting a word picture of trusting God and surrendering to Him, with your illustration of squatting on the diving board. Thanks also, for your ongoing care of people struggling to overcome addictions as your son has done. I appreciate your honesty to share how your father’s addiction to alcohol made your family life a struggle–normal one day, and chaotic the next day–dependant on the health of your dad. I feel for you, sister. Thank you for prioritizing God in the midst of it all, and then sharing your faith in Him with others. You truly exemplify a lady who triumphed, placing faith above fears.

    • Diane. Thank you for your encouraging words. It was interesting how the Lord brought that experience back to my mind as I prepared to write this blog. It was a very eye opening experience for me to think back on it. There are always those little hidden messages in life, right? Thanks again for the encouragement.

  2. Dawn, your message is truly insightful wisdom. This message is so needed in our world today with so many lost and hurting souls. A compass of light!

    • Jennifer. Thank you for your encouraging words. We truly all have to be here for each other on this journey. It helps us to remember our faith and overcome our fears! God bless.

  3. I was encouraged by your choice to avoid controlling and choose faith and reliance on the Lord. I think this is especially challenging when it involves our children. What a great example.

      • Mari Jan. I am sorry. This send before I finished. You are so right about it being especially challenging when it concerns our children. How we wish we could protect them from so many things. I appreciate your response and encouragement.

  4. I am thankful to be His daughter. I am thankful He is always with me. Through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment 13 years ago, to the deaths of my parents in 1998 and 2013, to everyday situations, God never leaves me. Even when I fear, I know He is holding me in His loving arms.

    • Melissa. You have faced some very fear filled situations. I am grateful to the Lord that he always reminds us that he he is there to catch us as we trust him. I am sorry for the loss of your parents and pray you are now in good health.

  5. Wow, Dawn. Thanks for sharing. What a difficult time it must be to struggle through your sons having such hurdles to jump. It’s a testament to your trust in God to provide.
    I really appreciate these words. I talk a big game, but I am afraid of a lot. I hate serving it. I hate having it at all. But being constantly aware of fear makes me press deeper into God’s goodness. Thanks for sharing.

    • Chip. Thank you for your kind words. I face fear every day, so I totally understand what you’re saying about talking a big talk. Sometimes my fear is still bigger than my faith. I am so grateful we only need a little mustard seed of faith. I am grateful that our Lord meets us where we are at.

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