His Hope in the Darkness: Moving Beyond Fear — 19 Comments

  1. Thank you for your story! You mention that forgiving those who wronged you gave you indescribable peace. It seems so backward to forgive one who hurts you; but you are so correct that when we do, God surely sends His miraculous peace. I’ve had opportunity to discover this myself. Great word!

    • Marcie, thank you so much for reading and commenting. It is absolutely counter to the way of the world, isn’t it? I’m so glad you’ve had the opportunity to experience that level of peacefulness! Blessings to you!

  2. Such a beautiful testimony to God’s grace and compassion! Yes, the enemy loves to deceive us into thinking that we’re too far gone or that we’re the only one traversing a dark and lonely road, but those are all lies. So glad to hear about God’s healing redemption in your life, Alynda. <3

    • Sarah, thank you so much for reading and commenting. Your encouraging words are precious to me. Yes, the enemy really does want us to believe we are too bad for God. I am SO thankful for the relentless love of our savior! Blessings to you!

  3. Oh Alynda. You’ve been on a chilling, horrific road…that has led to redemption, peace, and hope. Only God! Your words are eloquent and inspiring. You bring honor to the Father as you share His rescue of your life. The joy on your face is evidence of the Light that has defeated the darkness. I feel so blessed by your words, your testimony, and friendship.❤️

    • Jennifer, thank you so much for your heartfelt and encouraging words! Our God is amazing! I’m so excited to see how He uses our stories to minister to His people. Blessings to you, my friend! <3

  4. Love that God whispered to you and has taken you on this healing journey. But more than that, thank you for being transparent so others in the dark can find their way to the light of freedom.

    • Diana, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. The Lord has called me to transparency, so I am obeying. One of my greatest prayers is for others find healing too. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5 Blessings to you!

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