Show and Tell: A Devotional — 9 Comments

  1. Dear Diane. This really touched me. I always feel hope when I read stories of those transformed by the love of God. In my ministry to moms of addicted children, this reminds us to never cease praying. There is always hope! Thank you.

  2. Diane,

    I love your stories. Like this one which reminds me of the compassion Jesus wants me to have for those He loves.

    The ministry God has me involved in works jointly with those who line our city streets begging for funds. I work to assist them with finding a hope that gives them a desire to dream again.

    Most I’m sure are just trying to make ends meet, some working towards whatever addiction has them bound. But no matter the reason they are there, Jesus still loves and has a heart for each one. It’s not His desire for them.

    Your story reminds me of how I often feel when I sit with someone, interviewing them in hopes that they will want to work with us. They have a need for people who will see them through the eyes of Jesus, and respond with His heart of compassion.

    Your story truly warmed my heart. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Castle, for your heartfelt work and for your kind comments. I pray that through your ministry you will reach many souls, and that these individuals will trust in Jesus as you minister hope and life to them. God bless you, sister.

  3. I love this story. It shows the love Jesus has for everyone and that He never gives up on us, He gives us opportunities to come to Him. Gertrude extended the love of Jesus to a lost man, whom she should have been afraid of but she reached out to him with love and compassion.

    • Thank you, Glenda, for your insight. The story, which is based on a real encounter, shows that God cares more about souls than our possessions. When we are in such situations, we can change the atmosphere by responding to the needs of the individual who needs Christ.

  4. Dear Diane,

    It’s so easy for us to label and compartmentalize people by one outwardly feature or habit. We only see the tattered clothes or the addiction. But God sees the beauty in our hearts. Worn out shoes or not, it doesn’t matter. Our love does. The grandmother saw what Jesus does. Another beautiful soul that Jesus died for. Touching story.

    Laurie Epps

    • Thank you, Laurie, for your thoughtful comments. Every person is of value to God, and we all need His love and forgiveness. Mr. Art and Mrs. Gertrude’s meeting shows the providence of the Lord. Because they met, He could help both of them.

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