Labor of Love: A Mother’s Story — 8 Comments

  1. Lisa, I was tearing up as I read your testimony. Thank you for sharing! I am glad you knew to praise your way through this birth, and to have prepared Bible verses. I am happy your Selah Grace came into your family. God is holding the other two babies. They are safe in His arms.

    • Thank you, Diane. God’s timing was perfect with this pregnancy because I don’t think my heart would’ve have worshipped Him if He had given me a baby any sooner than He did.

  2. Wow, Lisa. That’s an incredible story. Thanks for sharing. While my wife and I haven’t lost any children ourselves, we’ve had family and friends go through it. What do you think is the best way for us to support them in those times? We pray, sure, but how do we encourage? Encouragement seems flat and trite. Thanks so much for your words here, and I hope they breathe life for others.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Because everyone grieves differently I don’t think there is one right way to encourage someone through a miscarriage. My advice is to let them know you are there for them. Ask them how you can help them through this time and let them know you are praying for them. I did have a friend suggest a book to me that helped me a lot. It is a wonderful devotional titled “Grieving The Child I Never Knew.” I think giving this book as a gift would bless anyone going through the loss of a child. I hope that helps. God Bless!

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