A Bad Case of the What-Ifs: Encounters with Fear — 10 Comments

  1. Jennifer, thank you for sharing an amazing story of God’s faithfulness and love.
    When I wrote my first competitive speech in middle school, I was told, by my mom, I would make a fool of myself ( in a crude way) and should drop out of the competition. I received an honorable mention. I didn’t compete or write for decades. God brought hesling, grace, and forgiveness. A powerful reminder of the power of words.

    • DEAR Norma, I cannot tell you how much it grieves my heart that those toxic words were splattered on your young soul — and from your mother, who should have been your safest ally. How devastating! And you still did so well in the competition! Amazing. What’s even more amazing is the healing, grace, and forgiveness that God brought to your heart. Shame is like a cancer that suffocates our dreams and kills our hearts. But GOD has the last word! And your testimony of healing from the wound your mother inflicted is such wonderful redemption. I praise God that He is trustworthy with your heart!❤

  2. Thank you, Diane! Yes, fear (and shame) turn us inward, but hope and trust turn us upward. He has proven Himself faithful and worthy of our trust!

    • Thank you so much, Jeannie! It’s so easy to get distracted by our emotions, isn’t it? I’m thankful we have a patient Father who doesn’t hold against us how long it takes us to get a clue. He loves us so much! Thanks for your comment!

  3. These are great thoughts, Jennifer. I love.youe line, It’s not my fear that keeps my kids alive.” That’s gold! Why do I cling to my fear like it’s the thing that solves my problem or delivers me? Profound and simple.
    I like to control things. I like to plan things out. It’s what makes me successful in life but it also makes me feeble when I get a curve ball. Good post.

    • Thank you Chip! Yes, it’s that whole control thing that has put a wedge between me and God. And I believe it is rooted in pride. Do I really believe that I have more power/vision/love than God?! Even in the loss of my first son, I see now that God in His omniscience and omnipotence was loving me (AND my son). The bottom line: God uses our suffering to remove impurities/unrighteouness, and with everything He removes…He makes us whole. Thanks for your thoughts Chip!

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