6 Steps to Redeem the Holidays from the Fear of the Past — 3 Comments

  1. For me the holidays are hard because of managing expectations. The responsibility has fallen on me to host the events throughout the years since my parents divorce. While I love my family, I don’t love hostessing and negotiating the complexities of emotions involved. As I’ve gotten older, I am learning to speak up and set boundaries but not without some sense of guilt. This year, I did ask for a year off and my extended family handled it very graciously. I still struggle with guilt but knowing my own limitations helps me to not spend another holiday frustrated and resentful. I loved this post. Thank you very much.

  2. Thanks for this post. For me, stopping the anger is the tough part. The holidays for me feel like I’ve been robbed. Losing both my parents so young, I am constantly reminded that they are not around to enjoy my kids or me. They’re not here to help me keep the family together or my own crap together. It feels like a colossal unfairness.
    But God is faithful. Learning to turn over my anger is a continuous lesson. The resentment has died, but the hurt is still there. It isn’t God that hurt me. I have an Enemy for that. The Lord has assuaged my anger, but only in retrospect. in the midst of the holidays, I still feel lonely even surrounded by people.
    Anyway, I appreciate the hope you’re offering here. Thanks

    • Wow, I’m sorry for your pain Chip! I certainly understand the anger.
      It used to be a constant battle for me… it has lessened with time to a regular battle.
      In my flesh I also want to be angry about what was robbed from me. And MUCH was robbed from me! But God taught me that there was a time for anger, just as there is a time for forgiveness. There was a time to grieve and mourn all that was lost, just as there is a time to rejoice in and celebrate what God has done “instead.”
      I will never be happy about what happened. (I don’t believe God is happy about it either, so there’s nothing wrong with that.) But I WILL choose to praise the God who redeems our messes and makes beauty where there should be none. What other god can do that? Only our great God!
      I pray He will continue to give you (and me!) victory in the day to day journey of learning to hand the anger over to Him. It is SO difficult! But His faithfulness never ends – His mercies are new each morning!
      God bless you my friend!

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