I’m Nobody’s Wonder Woman — 15 Comments

  1. You spoke to every deep and hidden inadequacy with this post and then you floored me with this thought:

    I’d never understood that if God had a result in mind, then He was responsible to get me to the finish line. It would be impossible to dash His hopes if He was in charge of the outcome.

    Thank you.

    • Stephanie, thank you for your kind words. I’m so grateful someone else’s words released me from false ideas concerning my role as a woman in Christ. I pray The Lord will blossom this truth in your heart, sweet sister.

  2. Yolanda, this is so good. I love your humorous side with a touch of sarcasm and sassiness. I really admire being able to pull off sassy. 🙂 You rock!

    Your version of wonder woman sounds way more real. And your version of motherhood. I decided long ago to put away my heroine capes and choose the armor of God instead. My cape-wearing days are over. For my strength and courage come from the One who alone has the power to rescue.

    Thanks for this and blessings!

    • Karen, that sass gets me in trouble as often as not. But God can use anything, right? I’m glad you found the source of your strength and courage long ago. The Lord was there for me even when I didn’t know how to rest in His love. I couldn’t have survived without Him, and I’m thankful He didn’t give up on me. The armor of God feels way more secure than flimsy capes and stretchy tights, right?

  3. Yolanda, I appreciate your honesty about motherhood. I have felt the same, that if I was balancing one area well, then others slipped through the cracks. I love your conclusion “I was designed for something more than a myth.” Though we wish to be Wonder Woman, a humble spirit before God gives Him more to work with. God bless you and your beautiful family!

    • Melissa, God’s faithfulness reaches beyond that unbalanced life, doesn’t it? If we had it all together, I guess we wouldn’t need Him, and that would be sad beyond comprehension. I appreciate you reaching out with those kind words. Many blessings to you.

  4. I love you. We just met, I know. But, I love you. I was that mother, too, but they were all my own, and the freeing message that I could trust God with the outcome didn’t come until I was far, far, FAR into the challenge. I wish I’d heard this earlier: “I’d never understood that if God had a result in mind, then He was responsible to get me to the finish line. It would be impossible to dash His hopes if He was in charge of the outcome.” Like you, I took all of that on my own shoulders and about killed myself doing it. By the grace of God, I only hobbled away with an autoimmune disease, no one died, no one went to jail, and God mercifully taught us about grace, forgiveness, and faith in HIM, not in our own efforts. The legalistic road is a tough, tough TOUGH one to walk, for everything is our own fault and all the pressure is on us individually to do it right. Thank you for sharing so transparently. Somewhere, a young mother struggling along under the burden of the law will rejoice to hear your words and maybe take the first steps into grace. Even though it’s now decades since the Lord began applying the cure of grace and mercy, I still resonate with stories like yours/ours and thank GOD! for all he’s done and continues to do. Peace be with you, sister!

    • Melinda, I’m so thankful
      for your heart, and for taking the time to share some of the similarities of our stories. Does anyone ever make it through motherhood without a limp? I think it’s our hearts, wrestling like Jacob, and God indeed blessing us. The “hobbling away” is a reminder of His faithfulness to help us finish the journey of His calling. I cannot tell you the freedom and joy I’ve tasted since trekking out of legalism, and I’m glad that’s your story too. God is amazing, His timing is impeccable, and his sweet grace covers all.

  5. You are SO funny! I cracked up in many places, but this line caused a burst of laughter out loud: “Doing? If you’re existing, then you’re nailing it.” That is SO true! Motherhood is not for the faint of heart, to be sure. And homeschooling on top of it? Yeah. Been there. Done that. Hardest thing I’ve ever done! All moms have a special place in God’s heart, I think. Great post – excellent humor and honesty!

    • All moms DO have a special place in God’s heart. I’m glad I tickled your funny bone. I think humor is part of the motherhood survival toolbox, don’t you?

  6. Yolanda, your story is so similar to mine, including the comments. I totally understand how you felt. Thank you for sharing and reminding us we can not disappoint God, He is in control. Thank you for allowing God to use you to bless me today.

    • Thank you for your kind remarks, Norma. It’s interesting how God brings us across the paths of others who have similar stories. I think it’s one of the ways He reminds us we aren’t alone on our journey.

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