Five Steps for Taking Fear out of Conflict Resolution — 8 Comments

    • Thank you so much, Diane! Yes, more or less everything I write is birthed from experience. This is no exception! The Lord has been very gracious while I learn how to navigate conflict in a way that pleases Him. I get it wrong more often than I get it right, but He sees my heart and knows I am on a path of improvement. He is so good like that! Blessings to you!

  1. Ugh! Conflict? Thanks for the difficult topic, Alynda. I have struggled with this my whole life. I’ve either been an obnoxious know-it-all where conflict was a contest to win, or, more recently, engaged in manipulative surrender. I avoid it.
    I have had to pray through these extremes and get those I love to call me out gently. Your words are full of truth. I must own it and work through it as I try to honor God and others with my words.

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