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Alynda lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband and their two youngest daughters. She has a heart for God’s people who struggle with fear and anxiety. A redeemed survivor of sexual and physical abuse, she loves sharing God’s healing story with her brothers and sisters in Christ. She is a writer, blogger, speaker, encourager, editor, wife, mother, and grandmother. Intensely passionate about helping other women achieve healing from sexual abuse and other struggles, Alynda serves as a lay leader and curriculum contributor in a recovery ministry at her home church. She loves speaking with women about the healing the Lord has for them in all areas of their lives. She adores making friends (sometimes to her introverted husband’s chagrin) everywhere she goes. In addition to writing, editing, and maintaining,  you may find her at where she writes about understanding God’s great love for us. She contributes monthly to the website, A Wife Like Me and serves as an editor and contributor to the online devotional site, Join the Journey. President of an online chapter of WordWeavers, International and Moderator of an American Christian Fiction Writer’s critique group, Alynda is active in the Christian writing community. She is a member of ACFWWord Weavers, International, AWSA, and Roaring Lambs.  Alynda was featured in the anthology, Stories of Roaring Faith: Volume 3 released during the Fall of 2018 and is a contributor to the upcoming book, Dear Wife: 10 Minute Invitations to Practice Connections with Your Husband.